[Security Incident KSIEM 26/08/2020]

  • NirS 

On 26/08/2020 19:32 IST, our engineering team discovered that an automated security scanner system gained access to one of our servers that possible due to human error misconfiguration on our last version update, the access was to certain information, including some of our customer’s ticketing information, names, emails, and phone numbers, On 26/08/2020 20:27 IST we closed the source of entry. Our engineers are closely monitoring our platform, and we’ve found no evidence of any bad actor access to the data, as from our system logs and investigation it was only a security scanner system operate by security professionals, those professionals disclose this information with us.

As we are doing our best to secure data, we all aware that these cases can occur, we are happy that the information security community taking responsibility and disclosing information in a responsible manner.

we learned from this incident and we are continuing to serve our customers in a responsible way.